“The past is the only arsenal in which we find the means to make our future effective.” José Ortega y Gasset
Climate Explorers is a photographic project chronicling the work of climate scientists throu- gh expeditions to Antarctica, disappearing glaciers, and investigating past sea levels.
The goal of this project is to tell the story of the community of climate scientists through their expeditions in remote places and their work, bringing these topics to a wide audien- ce to raise awareness of the importance of adapting to ongoing climate change. This storytelling project will follow innovative, and unique missions of a selected group of cli- mate scientists, and will communicate the activities of three projects: Beyond EPICA Ol- dest Ice, Ice Memory, and WARMCOASTS.
The Beyond EPICA Oldest Ice team will travel to the Antarctic Plateau with the aim of studying climate changes that occur- red up to 1.5 million years ago. To do this, scientists will face the challenge of extracting the oldest ice core ever made. Ice Memory is building the first ice vault in Antarctica, which will store samples from all the world’s glaciers at risk of disappe- aring, such as Kilimanjaro.
WARMCOASTS goes in search of fossil coral reefs around the world to reconstruct past changes in sea level, and to un- derstand what will happen to our coasts when sea levels will rise.
It is only by deeply understanding the climate of the past will we be more successful in adapting to the climate of the future.